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Megazone laser tag game

Megazone laser tag is a fun, futuristic and exciting game that is suitable for all ages

Laser tag is played in a dimly lit, fog-filled, multi-level arena where players are provided with high tech vests and awesome but harmless laser guns. Players then try to score points by deactivating other players’ vests and destroying their bases.

Megazone Vantaa

Laser tag game

  • Location

    Flamingo Viihdekeskus
    Tasetie 8, 3. krs, Vantaa


    ma-pe 13-21
    la 11-21
    su 11-19

    On request we arrange games for groups 24/7.


Open games start every half an hour.


    1 game

    10 €

    2 games

    18 €

    3 games

    25 €

    Open games start every half an hour. Come as a group or only by yourself, in either case a reservation is recommended. You should arrive 15 minutes before the game starts. Game time is 22 minutes.


    22 min Private game

    270 €

    60 min Private game

    595 €

    90 min Private game

    870 €

    In private games the playing area is reserved only for your group. Max. 36 players at the same time.

Kids Birthday Parties

Throw a memorable and exciting birthday party for your friends in Megazone!

After playing in open games the party room is in your use for food and drinks of your choice for 45 minutes. The party can be customized to meet your personal requirements for the coolest party of the year. Birthday packages are designed for about 8-15 year-old players and groups of at least 6 people. Ask for our other options for smaller parties or different age groups.


Choose from one of our special Birthday Party packages

  • Mega party

    Three Megazone laser tag games
    (3 x 22 min.)
    Duration 2.5 hours

    Snack Pack 35,50 €
    Hot Dog menu 37,00 €
    Pizza menu 38,00 €

  • Maxi party

    Two Megazone laser tag games
    (2 x 22 min.)
    Duration 2 hours

    Snack Pack 28,50 €
    Hot Dog menu 30,00 €
    Pizza menu 31,00 €

  • Midi party

    One Megazone laser tag game
    (1 x 22 min)
    Duration 1.5 hours

    Snack Pack 20,50 €
    Hot Dog menu 22,00 €
    Pizza menu 23,00 €



  • Arrive

    The party arrives 15 minutes before the game(s) start.

  • Introductions

    Preparing to game and introductions. During the games, additional clothing and personal belongings can be stored in the equipment room.

  • Laser games

    We start the event by playing all the games that are included in your reservation. We will only have short breaks between the rounds to have a quick look at the scoreboard.

  • Party room and catering

    You will have the party room in your use as soon as we have gotten it ready for you, at the latest during the first game.