Facilities and catering

Facilities and catering

Megazone Vantaa offers possibilities to host diverse events.


Megazone’s very own VIP Cabinet is suitable for meetings as well as for the group’s aftermath sessions after the laser games.

The cabinet has seats for up to 30 people, so short meetings are possible for all group sizes. Catering and longer meetings are recommended for groups of 20 or less.

Cabinet rent

Per hour* 75 €
Whole day 8-17 495 €

The cabinet is equipped with a projector, screen, wifi , TV and a flip chart. Beverages stay cold in the cabinet’s fridge.

* If the reservation does not include Megazone games the minimum rent time for the cabinet is 2 hours.


Familiarize yourself with our catering options below and order order your event’s meeting catering, as well as late night snacks from us. For group sizes over 20, we recommend making a table reservation in one of the Entertainment Center’s restaurants instead.

Catering menus

Meeting catering for morning or afternoon starting from 8,90 €/prs

– incl. Coffee/tea with rye bread or bagel or sweet pastry

Lunch starting from 16,50 €/prs

– incl. Main dish, salad, bread and water

Dinner starting from 32,50 €/prs

– incl. Main dish, salad, roasted vegetables, bread, dessert and water

Small snacks

Sushi platters starting from 60,00 €

– incl. 50 pcs sushi assortment, soy sauce, ginger, wasabi and chopsticks for six

Ordering terms

Minimum order quantity is 10 in all catering options aside from sushi platters.

The order must be uniform, allergies and special diets will be taken into consideration separately.

The catering order must be made at least 7 days prior to the event. The number of participants and special diets must also be confirmed latest 7 days prior to the event.

With allergies it is worth noting, that some products that are handled in our facilities may contain allergens.

Catering orders are implemented in cooperation with Jumbo Food Court.

All prices include VAT. 14%.