Birthday menus

Birthday Menus

From our Birthday Menus you can choose your favorite food in your birthdays that is enjoyed in your own party room after the games.

Menus are included in the price of chosen a birthday package. Underlying prices are clarified for potential extra orders. The menu’s price includes also the rent for the party room, decorations and table setting for the food.

Specific diets and allergies

We can take into account the most common special diets but please inform us about them in good time before the event. For severely allergic and persons with several allergies we recommend that they take their own food with them. Some products that are handled in our facilities may contain allergens like peanuts and milk. In additions, you can bring your own cake, if you like.

Food Suppliers

Pizzas are being supplied to us by RAX Pizza buffet and  we prepare the other products ourselves. Pizzas and hotdogs are totally lactose-free, in the other menus we replace some products with lactose-free versions if needed. Soft drinks are Coca-Cola and Fanta.

Own caterings

You can also bring your own catering. Here by we charge the game tickets and party rooms’ rent: Partyroom 40€/h or VIP-cabinet 65€/h. The party room is booked so that the group gets it 15 minutes before the game ends to prepare the room and 45 minutes after the games.

Settings must be provided by customer for own caterings. Refrigerator and microwave can be found only in VIP-cabinet. Cleaning must be dealt with customer before the rentl time ends. There are 15 minute additional cleaning time included in room rentals. Cleaning tools can be lent from our staff if needed.

Birthdays with own catering can only be booked through us by calling or sendins an email.