Rules and safety

Safety in Megazone

Megazone is a very safe activity.

By keeping shoes on and following our rules and procedures, there will be no accidents during the game. In Megazone everyone plays at one’s own risk. Children under 7 must be accompanied by parents or some other escort.

Most of the questions we receive on safety issues concern the laser beam. The laser beam is so fast that it is impossible to stare at in a way that is hurtful to the eye. However, the laser beam is bright, so aiming it directly at the opponent’s eyes is prohibited. Safety glasses are not required.

Rules in the game area

By obeying the rules, we ensure that everyone's game will be fun. Join in and enjoy your experience!

  • Watch the instruction video and listen to the operators’ instructions.

  • Don’t touch the game equipment without permission.

  • Keep your shoes on.

  • Running, crawling and climbing in the game area is forbidden.

  • Respect the other players.

  • Do not make physical contact with other players. Never aim straight at the oppontent’s eyes on purpose.

  • No swearing, cursing or bullying in the game.

  • Return the game vest to its own spot.

  • Please report immediately to operators if you have any problems with the equipment or with the game.

Instruction video

Instructions and rules

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