Games and rules

Megazone games

Megazone is played in solo or team game modes.

Normally Megazone is played in two or three teams. If there is a small amount of players then a solo game might be a better option, so that everyone plays against each other. In both game modes all the players stay the whole time in the play area.

Gathering points

Points are being collected individually and also for the teams by shooting the other teams’ opponents. Players also get points from destroying the other teams’ bases. A player will be eliminated from the game for a few seconds when player they get hit by the laser.

Special features are bases, PUP-stations and Zone Gates

Bases are every teams starting point for the game. The goal is to destroy enemy teams bases and protect your own base from the opponents. In a team game every player can destroy each of the enemy bases once. In solo game every player can destroy each of the three bases once.

PUP-station gives the players special effects such as, immortality, rifle mode and invisibility

Zone Gate is a gate located near to team bases. Players can seize the gate for their team for 30 seconds at a time. Once the opponent goes through the gate while it’s seized by the other team they will be eliminated for 15 seconds.

Game modes

Megazone is played in solo or team game modes.

  • Team game

    In team games players will be divided into two or three teams. Teams will try to defent their own bases from the opponents and also teams will try to destroy the enemies’ bases.

  • Solo game

    The solo game mode is free-for-all which means that anyone can shoot everyone. Players gather points by shooting other players and by destroying bases. Every player can destroy each of the three bases once in a game.

  • Special games

    Special game modes are being played during special events (FNF) and private games. The easiest way to get to know about the special games is to participate in the events in Megazone. Megazone members also play special games every week in members’ evenings.

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