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Memorable events for groups and companies at Megazone

Arrange a special meeting day for your team or organize a programmed event for a bigger group with dinner – or other events such as stag parties, feasts, birthdays, school field trips and graduations – easy and fun!

Facilities and Catering

We also offer catering, if you have booked our VIP-Cabinet or other facilities in addition to the Megazone game arena.

Megazone’s own VIP Cabinet is suitable for meetings as well as for the groups’ aftermath sessions after the laser games. The cabinet has seats for up to 36 people, so short meetings are possible for all group sizes. Catering and longer meetings are recommended for groups of 24 or less. The cabinet is equipped with a projector, screen, wifi, TV and a flip chart. Beverages stay cold in the cabinet’s fridge.

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