At Megazone Salmisaari you can also arrange meetings

Megazone’s own VIP Cabinet is suitable for meetings as well as for the groups’ aftermath sessions after the laser games. The cabinet has seats for up to 30 people, so short meetings are possible for all group sizes. Catering and longer meetings are recommended for groups of 24 or less. The cabinet is equipped with a projector, screen, wifi, TV and a flip chart. Beverages stay cold in the cabinet’s fridge.

Meeting room rent:
Per hour* 75 €
Whole day 8-17 495 €

* If the reservation does not include Megazone games the minimum rent time for meeting room is 2 hours.

After an information packed meeting we recommend for example one hour-long private games at Megazone, price 645 €

Meeting Catering

Finish your meeting package with delicious food

Catering is taken care of by Big House Café & Bar and Hima & Sali. Familiarize yourself with some of the catering options below or ask for a quote. Please notice, that the order must be uniform and the catering must be ordered for a minimum of 15 people.

For example

Breakfast Buffet 16,50 €/prs

Lunch of the day 16,50 €/prs

Dinner starting at 34,00 €/prs

Prices include VAT 14%.

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