Birthday schedule

Birthdays schedule and instructions

This is how Birthdays work in Megazone

Players must arrive at Megazone 15 minutes before the first game starts. The outdoor clothes are stored in the vest room during the games. It is mandatory to wear shoes in the game arena, so we recommend bringing comfortable outdoor or indoor shoes. Lockers are available for valuables. Please ask the staff members to receive a key. Before the games begin, all participants will watch an instruction video in either Finnish or English.

After the instruction video, all games included in the birthday package are played in a row. There are small breaks in between the games to check your scores. There can also be other players participating in the same game. The teams are formed by our professional game operators to make the games fun and fair for all parties. We might have to split the birthday groups apart in order to meet these values. We always welcome wishes concerning the team distribution, but the game operators have the final say in the matter.

After the games it is time to party. After finishing the final game, the birthday group goes to their own party room to enjoy the birthday menus and to compare their score cards. The birthday party room is in the group’s use for 45 minutes after the games after which the party ends.

Example schedule for our most popular birthday package Maxi Birthdays (total duration 2 hours)

13:15 Arriving at Megazone (Salmisaari Sports Center, Energiakatu 3, 2nd floor)
13:20 Instruction video in English and preparing for the games
13:25 Instruction video in Finnish and preparing for the games
13:30-14:30 Open games in Megazone 2 x 22 minutes
14:30-15:15 Birthday Party Room with catering
15:15 The party ends

This is how Birthdays run

First the games, and then treats in the birthday room

  • Gathering

    All guests attending the party must arrive 15 minutes before the booking starts.

  • Game instructions

    Preparing for a game. Instructions, putting the gear on, forming teams.

  • Laser games

    Game on! Playing open laser games, one game lasts for 22 minutes. There is small break between the games.

  • Catering

    Enjoying birthday menus in the party room after the games end. The presents are opened and the score cards are compared. The party room is in the group’s use for 45 minutes, after which the party ends.

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