Birthday parties


Unforgettable birthday parties

Megafun and active birthdays for kids in Megazone Helsinki with catering starting at 22,50 € /person

Megazone is a super popular and futuristic laser tag game. At Megazone we have made arranging unforgettable birthday parties effortless.

Our birthday packages are suitable for kids 7- to 15-years-old and groups of at least 6 people. For groups consisting of less than 6 kids, we offer bare laser tag games in our open games. Children under 7-years-old can play accompanied by adults. The children are ready to play independently, when they can listen and follow instructions given by the game operators. We recommend watching our instruction video beforehand, if you have any concerns about your children being too afraid to play.

Our birthday packages consist of Megazone laser tag games and snack menus in a party room after the games. The laser tag games are played as a part of our open games, meaning that there can also be other players participating in the same game. The teams are formed by our professional game operators to make the games fun and fair for all parties. We might have to split the birthday groups apart in order to meet these values. We always welcome wishes concerning the team distribution, but the game operators have the final say in the matter.

We have three different spaces for the birthday parties, which we reserve depending on the number of participants. The birthday party room is in your use for 45 minutes after the games.