Birthday parties

Unforgettable birthday parties

Fun and active birthdays for kids in Megazone Salmisaari with catering starting at 22,50 € /person

Our birthday packages are effortless and easy way to host kids’ birthday parties.

The birthday packages are recommended for kids 7- to 15-years-old and groups of at least 6 people. Smaller groups can book laser tag games normally without catering.

Kids under 7-years-old can play accompanied by adults. The kids are ready to play independently, when they can listen and follow instructions given by the game operators. We recommend watching our instruction video beforehand, if you have any concerns about your kids being too afraid to play.

The birthday packages consist of Megazone laser tag games and catering in a party room after the games. You will receive the room at latest when the laser tag games end. The party room is reserved for 45 minutes after the games after which the party ends.

Explore the contents of our birthday packages and book the party online!