Hours and pricing


Mon-Fri 13-21
Sat 11-21
Sun 11-19

On request we arrange games for groups 24/7.


Open games

Open games start every half an hour. Come as a group or only by yourself, in either case a reservation is recommended. You should arrive 15 minutes before the game starts. Game time is 22 minutes.

1 game 10,00€
2 games in a row 18,00€
3 games in a row 25,00€
10 games pass
(personal/for families)

Private games

In private games the playing area is reserved only for your group. Max. 36 players at the same time.

Private game 22 min  270,00€
Private games 60 min. (2-4 games) 595,00€
Private games 90 min. 870,00€
Private games 120 min. 1.130,00€