Birthday packages

Throw a memorable and exciting birthday party for your friends in Megazone! After the games the party room is in your use for food and drinks of your choice for 45 minutes. The party can be customized to meet your personal requirements for the coolest party of the year.

Birthday packages are designed for about 8-15 year-old players and groups of at least 6 people. Ask for our other options for smaller parties or different age groups.

Mega Party

Three Megazone laser tag games (3 x 22 min.)
Duration 2.5 hours

Maxi Party – our most famous party

Two Megazone laser tag games (2 x 22 min.)
Duration 2 hours

Midi Party

One Megazone laser tag game
Duration 1.5 hours

Prices per person, including the menu of your choice:

Midi Maxi Mega
Snack Pack 20,50€ 28,50€ 35,50€
Hot Dog menu 22,00€ 30,00€ 37,00€
Pizza menu 23,00€ 31,00€ 38,00€
Burger menu 23,00€ 31,00€ 38,00€

Jumbo Party

Megazone laser tag Private Hour (60 min, including 2 – 4 private games)
Party setting in VIP-cabinet, including party decorations
Duration 2 hours
Price 600 € including all players (max 36 persons)
Caterings not included, you can order the menu of your choice from our Birthday Menus

Birthday parties usually start with the games. Food and drinks are served afterwards.

Please make all your reservations as early as possible!

Do you want to bring your own catering?

If you want to bring your own catering, you should make a reservation by phone or e-mail. Party room rent 40€/hour, VIP-cabinet rent 65€/hour. Prices doesn’t include decorations or tableware. Before checking out you should clean your own catering away.