Birthday schedule and invitation

Here’s the schedule for your birthday party in Megazone:

1. The party arrives 15 minutes before the game(s) start.
2. We start the event by playing all the games that are included in your reservation. We will only have short breaks between the rounds to have a quick look at the scoreboard.
3. During the games, additional clothing and personal belongings can be stored in the equipment room.
4. You will have the party room in your use as soon as we have gotten it ready for you, at the latest during the first game.
5. You can mark the ending time to your invitation so that the party ends about 45 minutes after the catering has started.


You can print birthday invitations for your guests here.
Print the invitations on white paper, cut by the lines, and finally glue the paper on a black A5-sized piece of cardboard. Send your invitations well in advance and request an RSVP at the latest 5 days before the event. This way you will have enough time to let us know the possible cancellations.